The roller coaster of isolation… it’s an interesting journey

Getting started right

The first thing Steve and I did was set an intention for this time. We believe this will be a permanent memory our boys will carry for the rest of their lives. Just like we all remember the death of Princess Diana or 9/11, every person on this planet will have a shared memory, and we will ask the question one day — where were you when COVID-19 hit?

Home haircuts it is!!

You are entitled to your feelings

Another thing that crops up is guilt for feeling strong emotions, because so many others have it so much worse than us. And that is correct. So many others do have it much much worse than us.

When we’re lucky, does that mean we’re not allowed to feel?

In 1995, I travelled through Nepal, India, China and Thailand, mainly by myself. It was a lonely time, but it was a magnificent time too. Very introspective. India, in particular, touched my soul in such a deep way, because I saw a dignity in the human spirit that reached into me and grabbed a tight hold. It’s still my favorite country on the planet.

So please, feel your feelings. You are entitled to them

From this experience and observing humanity ever since, my conclusion is this: we feel emotions based on our own reality, not what is going on over there. And we need to allow ourselves to feel based on what we are losing right now. And we are all losing right now. Every one of us.

Emotions over the weeks

So we’re now coming up to week four. There are many who have done more weeks in isolation than us, and the majority have done it harder too, but for what it’s worth, I wanted to summarize the cycles of feelings I’ve/we’ve had, so it might help those just starting out.

The second week

Social media activity — off the charts and I can no longer keep up

The third week

Social media activity — jokes getting old and going through two phone batteries a day

And now week four comes

I have no idea how I’ll feel this coming week, but I’m ready for whatever comes — good or bad. It is what it is right now.



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Andrea T Edwards

Andrea T Edwards


Life can be awesome, it can also be tough, a positive attitude doesn't always work, but it's better than being miserable @UncommonAndrea @AndreaTEdwards