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Andrea T. Edwards, CSP
5 min readApr 30, 2021


It is time to create a new world. A world where dignity for all life is at the center of how we design our businesses and our lives. We have learnt how to make more and more stuff, faster and cheaper than ever before, but did we ever stop and ask: are our lives better for it?

However, we must acknowledge that this model has helped raise many out of poverty, but the cost has been so very high — we are now at the point of straining the very foundations of our ability to survive on this beautiful planet. Check this out, even male fertility is getting a bashing.

I urge you to read this very important article of where we are with global warming and the impact it will have in the tropical regions of our planet.

Because we are going to hit 1.5° degrees global warming this decade. This is now. Can we really continue as we are and ignore this crisis? Or do we just live as we always have, hoping for the best, while really, all we are doing is ensuring a constant state of crisis for the foreseeable future, as well as unbearable hardship for our children? Are we really going to gift them that?

We must change paths. We are out of time. What we have built is not sustainable. We’ve known this for decades, but the economic engine keeps pumping regardless — an engine close to blowing it all up — and yet, so many want to return to what we left behind before the pandemic. We can’t do that. We really can’t.

We must consider what we have to do right now — the actions we need to take, the plans we need to put in place — to help those who will be in need. Because, if we don’t, very soon we will have millions or billions of refugees turning up on our doorsteps in desperate need. Will we just turn a blind eye to their suffering too, or will we plan and act BEFORE we face these moments?

Besides, maybe YOU will be one of the refugees? Who knows right? If you live in the tropics (which I do), I’d suggest it’s time to be concerned. Too hot to live this decade after-all.

The climate crisis has never been an over there challenge. It’s always been an equal opportunity challenge and we will all face its impact together. The choice is: how do we want it to be? A time of misery and war, or a time where we come together, work out how we solve it, and care for those who need it?

The pandemic has caused an economic crisis most people are not seeing. Millions starving, millions facing famine, and in 2021, all indicators point to more economic insecurity and more suffering for those at the bottom of the world’s social hierarchy.

In these times of trouble and deep economic hardship, my hope in humanity lies in the thousands of people saying, what can I do? How can I help? I am fortunate to be surrounded by people like this.

Because it’s time to go bigger! I believe we can create huge cultural change around the world with a mindset of just 10 percent. So what’s that all about?

If everyone on this planet, in a position to do so, contributes just 10 percent of their time, money, talent or voice to the issues or challenges that matter the most to them, we would create a tsunami of change around the world. Change in mindset, change in how we organize our world, and change that will last long into a new future for humanity.

Just 10 percent looks like this

Time — volunteer 10% of your time to work for a charity or organization that is meaningful to you.


Money — donate 10% of your income to charities or organizations that matter and are helping those most in need. If nothing else, donate to the World Food Programme and let’s make sure no one is starving. If you’re in business, check out B1G1.


Talent — if you have talents or skills to help charities, or can get communities working together to overcome local issues, these talents are critical to success. From admin to marketing to design to muscle — all are much-needed talents around the world right now.


Voice — raise your voice on social media, share the stories that matter, support those doing great work, raise awareness on the issues of our time, offer solutions and more! Let’s use social media for what it’s intended for — good!

We can all contribute 10%, right? Even our children can. Are you committed to contributing just 10% in the area that makes the most sense to you?

Join me and let’s create a global movement, where all that believe we can create a better future for humanity and want to do their part to help those most in need, commit and elevate humanity to a new path — a future with human dignity and respect for all life on earth at the center of how we live and plan our lives.

Who will join me? #Just10Percent



PS: if you like this idea, share it with your community. Ideas don’t take hold until enough people see them and buy in. That’s how we create ripples of change around the world.

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