I’m really struggling with the logic of this time

Let’s step back and bullet this out

  • When you look at the history of pandemics, they are typically a two-year cycle
  • This pandemic, it feels there is more confidence it’ll be over faster, because we got the vaccines done super-fast! But that’s not how it’s playing out, is it?
  • Yes we’ve got the vaccines, but this is bigger and more widespread than past pandemics — I mean, we weren’t all flying back in 1918! International travel is what sent this virus everywhere and well, people are still travelling. I mean the UK stopped flights from India last Friday, but they’ve been allowing 30/day up until then, and guess what, the India variant is spreading around the UK
  • As I said at the start and will again — we need to STOP movement. Just for a month everywhere. Give ourselves time to work out where it is, so we can stop it in its tracks. Then we can focus on who needs the most help. Oh and rich countries, please prioritize getting the vaccine to poorer countries — because until it’s over everywhere, it’s not over anywhere — been saying that for 15 months too
  • Of course, it appears flying citizens home continues to be a priority, so can we at least make the quarantine process effective? Australia is a shambles! Then again, there is no tighter ship than Singapore and it still got out!
  • With Covid 19, we can never rest on our laurels. No one is lucky in this pandemic, and thinking you’ve made it is a very moronic thing to say — as we have seen in India! And now in SE Asia

Let’s address the data

Variants and mutations

Here’s what it looks like on the ground

Overrun hospitals are BAD

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Life can be awesome, it can also be tough, a positive attitude doesn't always work, but it's better than being miserable @UncommonAndrea @AndreaTEdwards

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Andrea T Edwards

Andrea T Edwards

Life can be awesome, it can also be tough, a positive attitude doesn't always work, but it's better than being miserable @UncommonAndrea @AndreaTEdwards

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