A climate leadership call-to-arms for marketing professionals

Time for big bold crazy ideas

So what’s the answer?

The call-to-arms

The finger cannot be pointed in one direction

Action plan with marketing as a force for good

  • All brands advertising anywhere in the world (consumer and business to business), must immediately make the goal of all future advertising: awareness building; education; and actions required; to tackle the biggest issues of humanity, according to the priorities the scientists have listed in this article. There are enough areas we need to tackle to ensure brands can be aligned with their brand values
  • Adverts no longer feature “actors” or “influencers”, but instead activists and community organizers making a positive impact at the local, country, regional and global level, who can help achieve these goals. These are typically people who have not been supported, often struggle to keep going because of financial burdens, and many are facing threats to their livelihoods (and lives) for speaking up. Every country has powerful activists and community organisers, working to save their local environments, let’s make them the centrepiece of a consumer world, Indigenous communities too
  • Brands can have relevant products featured, if they are sustainable and part of the circular economy. We must get to the point where operating a business out of alignment with Mother Earth is deemed a crime against humanity. In fact, Avaaz is pushing for ecocide, the fifth international law against peace. And if you’re a Catholic, the Pope is updating the catechisms to include ecological sins. We, the consumer, must stop our excesses, but businesses must stop making anything harmful to earth
  • And finally, CMOs can move into the CEO role, by taking the companies they work for, urgently through the transformation needed to deliver a business in line with a Mother Earth Economy #MX. The leaders in this area will transform entire industries through their courage, decisive actions, and world-class communication skills



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